Humans didn’t outsmart the Neanderthals. We just outlasted them. – Washington Post

A reconstructed Neanderthal skeleton, right, and a modern human skeleton, left, on display at the Museum of Natural History in New York. (Frank Franklin II/Associated Press) By the standards of the Paleolithic age, members of Homo neanderthalensis were the height of sophistication. These ancient hominins ranged across Europe and parts of Asia for more than 300,000 years, producing tools, jewelry and […]

“Monster Planet” Discovered, Makes Scientists Rethink Theories of Planetary Formation – Universe Today

“Monster Planet” Discovered, Makes Scientists Rethink Theories of Planetary Formation – Universe Today

When it comes to how and where planetary systems form, astronomers thought they had a pretty good handle on things. The predominant theory, known as the Nebular Hypothesis, states that stars and planets form from massive clouds of dust and gas (i.e. nebulae). Once this cloud experiences gravitational collapse at the center, its remaining dust […]

Report: SpaceX to Launch the First Falcon Heavy in December – Popular Mechanics

According to a report from, SpaceX is targeting late December for the maiden flight of the highly anticipated Falcon Heavy, the launch vehicle that is poised to become the most powerful operational rocket in the world. The launch would occur no earlier than December 29. SpaceX has three final Falcon 9 launches planned for […]

SpaceX’s huge Falcon Heavy rocket could end 2017 with a bang – CNET

Falcon Heavy could be the most powerful rocket in the world very soon. SpaceX The next big rocket from SpaceX has been years in the making, and the company is still hoping Falcon Heavy will finally get off the ground in 2017. A report on NASASpaceFlight circulated on Wednesday claiming SpaceX is targeting mid-December for […]

Asteroid impact plunged dinosaurs into catastrophic ‘winter’ – BBC News

Image copyright BARCROFT PRODUCTIONS/BBC Image caption Artwork: The impact hit with the energy equivalent to 10 billion Hiroshima bombs Scientists say they now have a much clearer picture of the climate catastrophe that followed the asteroid impact on Earth 66 million years ago. The event is blamed for the demise of three-quarters of plant and […]

Scientists discover India’s oldest fossil of a Jurassic sea monster – Washington Post

The ichthyosaur skeleton is the first from the Jurassic era to be found in India. (AFP/PLOS ONE) Call it what you wish: fish lizard, sea monster, ichthyosaur. After tens of millions of years, and then 1,500 hours of digging, paleontologists in India have unearthed the strikingly intact skeleton of an ichthyosaur, a marine reptile more than five meters long that resembled […]

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