Supreme Court decides on Scottish minimum alcohol pricing

The UK’s highest court will decide later whether Scotland can finally implement its policy of minimum pricing for alcohol. Legislation was approved by the Scottish Parliament five years ago but it has been tied up in court challenges amid claims it breaches European law. Ministers said a 50p-per-unit minimum would help tackle Scotland’s “unhealthy relationship […]

Commuters urged to help stop suicides through small talk

Image copyright Small Talk Saves Lives Image caption Asking a question can be enough to interrupt suicidal thoughts, says a new campaign Commuters are being urged to step in if they see vulnerable people near railway tracks, as part of a campaign to prevent suicide. Network Rail, British Transport Police (BTP) and Samaritans hope the […]

Indulgent grandparents ‘bad for children’s health’

Image copyright SolStock Indulgent grandparents may be having an adverse impact on their grandchildren’s health, say researchers. The University of Glasgow study, published in PLOS One journal, suggests grandparents are often inclined to treat and overfeed children. The study also found some were smoking in front of their grandchildren and not giving them sufficient exercise. […]

FDA approves ‘trackable’ pill

FDA approves ‘trackable’ pill

Image copyright Getty Images US regulators have approved the first pill that can be digitally tracked through the body. The Abilify MyCite aripiprazole tablets – for treating schizophrenia and manic episodes – have an ingestible sensor embedded inside them that records that the medication has been taken. A patch worn by the patient transmits this […]

Emotional toll of diabetes ‘needs more recognition’

Image copyright Getty Images Many people living with diabetes are struggling with related emotional problems – an issue that needs support and recognition, a charity says. Diabetes UK surveyed 8,500 people about diabetes and how it affected their daily life. Three in five said their condition made them feel down. Of those in employment, 16% […]

Liver test to aid paracetamol overdose treatment

People who overdose on paracetamol could be helped by a blood test that shows immediately if they are going to suffer liver damage. Researchers in Edinburgh and Liverpool said the test would help doctors identify which patients arriving in hospital need more intensive treatment. The blood test detects levels of specific molecules in blood associated […]

Drivers ‘should have compulsory eye tests’

Image copyright Getty Images Drivers should have compulsory eye tests every 10 years, the Association of Optometrists has said. One in three optometrists say they have seen patients in the last month who continue to drive with vision below the legal standard, their association said. Motorists must read a number plate from 20m (65ft) in […]

Sex unlikely to cause cardiac arrest, study finds

Sex unlikely to cause cardiac arrest, study finds

Image copyright Getty Images Sudden cardiac arrest is associated with sexual activity far more often in men than women, research suggests. But sex is a rare trigger for sudden cardiac arrest. Only 34 out of the 4,557 cardiac arrests examined occurred during or within one hour of sexual intercourse and 32 of those affected were […]

New Scottish GP recruitment plans to cut workload

Image copyright PA The Scottish government has announced plans to deal with problems in recruiting GPs. They are part of a proposed new contract for the profession, which aims to cut workload and make it easier to run practices. The NHS across the UK is having trouble attracting people to become GPs. Many doctors have […]

Major trauma care gap means patients die ‘unnecessarily’

Media captionProf David Lockey is heading up clinical efforts to establish major trauma network Up to five seriously injured patients in south Wales die unnecessarily each month because the region is not part of a major trauma network, an expert in emergency care has said. Prof David Lockey said a lack of specialist treatment meant […]